Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook-Bridges

Q. Am I correct  that you prefer cantilever bridge mx canine to lateral vs maryland bridge? -GB

A. Absolutely.  I do not tie a canine to a central expect as a provisional.


Q. Still prefer implant over both cantilever and maryland bridge? -GB

A. Implant is my first choice unless bone or soft tissue would compromise esthetics


Q. What material would you use on 4 unit bridge mx anterior?  -GB

A. I would use Katana ML ZrO2 overlaid on the facial with Noritake or E.Max.  Utah Valley Dental Lab has done some beautiful bridges for me in the anterior and posterior using these materials.


Q. I have used Procera on 3 units but have been told it is contraindicated for more than 3. -GB

A. Procera was contraindicated for bridges with more than one pontic, as are the HT ZrO2 like Lava Esthetic.

-Dr. Hornbrook

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