Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: Primer for Temps, Veneer Cement, etc

What do you use for…

Primer (or other) painted on teeth before making anterior shrink wrap temps?

-MicroPrime G (Danville), followed by OptiBond FL Primer and air dry thoroughly.

Etch/bond combo for retention of more veneer-like temps?

-Same except spot etch in center of tooth with H3PO4.

Veneer lusting resin cement (overall):

-Variolink Esthetic.

Opaque (but not too dark or white) lusting resin cement for brightening the veneer a bit?

-Variolink Esthetic has a Light + and a Light shade 

Bonding agent for use with these materials?

-All Bond Universal (Bisco)

Thanks, CB

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