Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: Zirconia Bonding

Q: Do you air dry or rinse after the Ivoclean? A: Rinse. Let the Z-prime sit for 20 seconds.

Q: After a minute of Z-prime, do you air thin? How long? A: Just air evaporate. It dries quickly, less than 10 seconds.

Q: To be sure, no curing after the porcelain bonding resin? A: No curing. Place and air thin.

Q: Is Calibra catalyst+base (dual cure when mixed) okay to use as the resin cement? A: Yes, but not my favorite.

Q: Is there a reason you fill the restoration and place it in a light protective container instead of filling it right before seating the crown? A: For posterior or a single crown, I fill it and then go right to the mouth. With multiple restorations, I preload.


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