Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: Fx Aesthetic follow up

Q: Follow up question from my patient’s case- she’s experiencing ‘f’ and ‘v’ lip contact, with a bit of speech affect. It seems just a matter of shortening, but my question is how do you begin, laboriously with a disc or jump to a 1mm cut? How can I best determine my approach? Constant phoenetic checking to verify but where to begin?

A: First off, I always wait 3 weeks unless I think they look too long. More often than not, the patient’s own biofeedback system corrects the phonetics. If not, I would shorten 1.0mm and then bevel back the Incisal edge toward the lingual to keep it off the lip. That’s a start. Really evaluate the thickness of the Incisal edge and reduce from the facial aspect.


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