Tissue Management Course

This course is designed for restorative doctors who are looking to take the next step in anterior implants and esthetics. With enhanced knowledge in esthetic treatment planning and smile analysis, we are in a better position to address our patients’ esthetic concerns. Proper clinical diagnosis, updated clinical and surgical techniques, as well as good laboratory support are essential to ensure long-term predictable outcome for these patients. This course will concentrate on the techniques and materials required to perform excellent esthetic implant restorations in the everyday practice.

This course is intended for clinicians with experience in restoring dental implants.

Please register for these courses by contacting Nobel Biocare Training and Education:
Tel 800.579.6515 | northamericaeducation@nobelbiocare.com

Midwinter Meeting

The CDS Midwinter Meeting is the most important industry meeting of the years – and Utah Valley Dental Lab will be there! Come to the 2016 meeting and enjoy complimentary access to the Exhibit Hall featuring the latest in professional products and instruments. You’ll get a hands-on introduction to an array of equipment and materials, meet reps for products you use, and learn about state-of-the-art advances.

Register online at www.cds.org/midwintermeeting/

TruDenta Training

The TruDenta System is an approach to chronic headache relief available from your dentist that addresses and treats the cause of the problem instead of temporarily masking the pain. Using a combination of techniques derived from sports medicine therapies, the TruDenta System targets the improper muscle forces in the head, neck, and jaw area that cause painful conditions.

Join us in Ft. Lauderdale this January to participate in a world-class training for TruDenta products!