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Our team will be attending the Nobel Biocare symposium on September 17 – 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you will be in Las Vegas and would like to meet with a member of our team, please call us at (801) 373-4750.

New Site Launch

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Ski & Learn with Dr. David Hornbrook

This past weekend was the Ski (Board for me) & Learn program in Park City Utah.  We had 10 great doctors attend and I prepped my son Phoenix on Thursday morning and then seated it on Sunday morning. Utah Valley Dental Lab did an amazing job, as always, even under the crazy time restraint of only 2 days. Phil did the wax-up and Jeff did the beautiful ceramics. I know I stressed him out a bit by demanding excellence under such a short time frame, but he came through. The goal with Phoenix’s smile was to establish symmetry with the centrals (He had one big tooth on the right), whiten the smile, upright the anterior six to create a better profile and eliminate a deflective surface, and also establish a fuller buccal corridor.

Other than breaking contact between the centrals and creating a diastema between the right lateral and central incisors to “thin” the fat central, this was a minimally prepped case.  All I did was establish a very thin finish line at the gingival margin so UVDL could design and fabricate well fitting restorations.  I used a putty matrix of the wax-up as a prep guide by filling the matrix with Luxatemp and then seating it over Phoenix’s natural teeth.  After it set up, I removed the putty matrix and evaluated his new smile.  After he and I agreed it looked great and met our goals, I used a 0.3 mm depth cutting diamond and placed depth cuts into the Luxatemp mock-up in the gingival 1/3rd, middle 1/3rd, and incisal 1/3rd of each tooth. I then removed the mock-up and looked for any depth cuts that were actually on the natural tooth surface. Only two of the teeth had any depth cuts into the enamel and they were less than .01 mm.  The definitive restorations were approximately 0.3 mm thick in the anterior and closer to 1.0 mm with the premolars since we were bringing them out buccally.

The after photos were taken yesterday, which is only one day after the veneer placement.  Tissue looks pretty good considering the finishing and polishing was done only 24 hours ago.

The Ski & Learn experience was awesome and I wish more great clinicians could have been there. The snow was as good as I’ve ever seen and Michael and Venssa Knight shared their beautiful office and were gracious hosts.  JD and Matt from UVDL took us to some great restaurants and spoiled all of us with their generous hospitality.

It was my dental assistants, Danielle, 20th anniversary with me and we had a surprise party for her Thursday night after the preparation appointment and it was nice to share this special occasion with my long time and new friends at the course.

Looking forward to doing this again next year.