Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: Camera Recommendation

Q: Which camera do you recommend? I need to buy a new SLR digital camera. I was going to buy it from photomed because they’re ll assembled and ready to go. Is that the company you usually recommend? Norman camera also sells dental kits.

A: I would buy the Canon 6D with a 100 mm macro lens and a ring flash. The ring flash is idiot proof and takes very good images. The 6D will provide 20 mb images and has a full size sensor. If you want to get more creative with your photography, you could purchase dual point flashes instead of the ring. I always use and recommend Norman Camera.


Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: Bond or Cement?

Q: I am seating an 8 unit case today and all the crowns are full coverage emax crowns. Do you think it would be okay to seat them with Panavia and skip the etch and bond on the teeth, or do you think I need to bond them in the way we would do it with veneers?

A: I would bond them in like veneers. Unlimited working time, try in heels, alter shades based on thickness, better bond, etc.


Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: Fx Aesthetic follow up

Q: Follow up question from my patient’s case- she’s experiencing ‘f’ and ‘v’ lip contact, with a bit of speech affect. It seems just a matter of shortening, but my question is how do you begin, laboriously with a disc or jump to a 1mm cut? How can I best determine my approach? Constant phoenetic checking to verify but where to begin?

A: First off, I always wait 3 weeks unless I think they look too long. More often than not, the patient’s own biofeedback system corrects the phonetics. If not, I would shorten 1.0mm and then bevel back the Incisal edge toward the lingual to keep it off the lip. That’s a start. Really evaluate the thickness of the Incisal edge and reduce from the facial aspect.


Q&A with Dr. Hornbrook: OptiBond Adhesive

Q: Which opti-bond adhesive do you recommend?

A: I use Bisco’s All Bond Universal for most all my adhesive procedures. I only use OptiBond FL primer for my veneer provisionals. All Bond Universal from Bisco is easy to use, can use in Total-etch, Select-Etch, or Self-Etch. My favorite resin cements are anterior: Variolink Esthetic (Ivoclar) and Posterior: Duolink (Bisco). My step-by-step cementation guides are available at uvdl.com.