How To Set Up Shared Dropbox Folder

  1. Give our office a call and ask us to create a shared folder with your office
  2. You will receive an invitation to that folder via any email you prefer, we can share to multiple emails as well
  3. Open the invitation and you will be directed to
  4. Create an account or log in
  5. Once the folder that is shared with us is open go to the right-hand side and you should see a button “new folder”. Create a new folder and name it after the patient. Once that is done you can now upload all the photos that you need for that case inside each folder!
  6. Those are now shared with us
  7. Always keep a copy of your photos, as we delete them from the dropbox once we have them uploaded to our server.
  8. This is great for sending, STL files, cone beams, photos, lab slips etc.