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Our Commitment

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  • Our Commitment

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    Superb artistry will always be our foundation. We’re one of the few labs in the country regularly invited to participate in—and to help develop the curriculum for—many respected, post graduate courses.

    Through consistent exposure to the latest products, chairside evaluations, prep procedures, techniques, materials, and seatings, our ceramists constantly hone their craft—and at the same time, provide meaningful contributions to our profession. It truly makes a difference in their ability to create the finest restorations and veneers available.

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    We encourage clients to develop personal working relationships with our ceramists. Over the years, we’ve proven that one-on-one relationships build bonds of trust that save dentists time and hassle.

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    As a company, we often ask ourselves, “How can this lighten our client’s burden?” Whether it’s enjoying uncommon ease in submitting a complex case or in scheduling patients (knowing their restorations will arrive on time), our processes help you run your practice more effectively.

    Occasionally, a complex dental restoration can be problematic, or a particular step won’t go exactly as planned. How do we resolve these occasional hiccups when they arise? We’re second to none when it comes to communicating with our clients. You have our word on it—we always do everything in our power to solve even the toughest cases smoothly and fairly.

    We’ve built our business on attention to detail. Over fifty years of experience has taught us that focusing on the little things inevitably keeps the big things on track—beginning with exactness in following your directives.

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    Your Lab as a Technology Consultant

    Wouldn’t it be helpful if your lab—knowing your practice intimately—could help you make the best technology decisions for your practice, based on their depth of experience with other practices? After all, a great lab relationship means you’re ultimately working as a team to provide the very best for your patients.

    In a number of cases, we’ve helped dentists make substantial equipment purchases that they absolutely love. Many of these systems are compatible with systems utilized in top-quality dental labs, enabling them to eliminate the need for physical impressions. In other cases, we’ve been able to steer dentists to slightly used equipment at a big discount.

    Your Lab as an Information Resource

    Top-quality labs are horribly underutilized as a trusted resource for dental practices. On a monthly basis we see dozens of situations that an average dentist may only see once or twice a year.

    We’re certainly not suggesting that we have all the answers, but we do get to see a large variety of interesting and complicated cases each month. We have opportunities every day to consult with, and brainstorm with, many of the most reputable dentists in our profession. We learn a lot. We help a lot. It gives us tremendous personal satisfaction when we help our clients solve difficult cases. It’s what drives us to seek excellence.

    Regardless of which lab(s) you work with, why not take better advantage of this resource?

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