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  • Connect Your Scanner


    1. Go to and enter your Username and Password.
    2. Click on “Connections”, then “Add Connection”.
    3. Enter:
    4. We will be notified to approve your connection and once this is done, you will be able to send us cases.

    CareStream (CS3500)

    1. After acquiring scan data, you have two options to send us files, CSConnect and Send to:
      1. CS Connect: Login w/ email & password, choose our name under “pick lab” or input our lab’s email address if this is the first case:
      2. Send to: gives you the option of saving the file to the desktop where you could then attach the files in an email to

    For assistance, please contact Carestream tech support at 866-724-6317

    Sirona Cerec Connect

    You will receive an email notification that the file was sent.

    1. Go to, login, add Utah Valley Dental Lab to your laboratory list. Search by name (Utah Valley Dental Lab) and location Lindon, UT
    2. To start a case: enter patient information, tooth number, restoration type, and shade
    3. Scan patient and draw margins
    4. Open CEREC CONNECT SW4 Icon
    5. Review the scan quality, interocclusal clearance, and margins.
    6. Select “NEXT”- this button takes you to the CEREC CONNECT PORTAL
    7. Choose Utah Valley Dental Lab as laboratory and Send case.

    For assistance, please call CEREC SUPPORT at 800-475-5036


    To set up our lab in your system, call iTero customer support if we are not in your system. Our acct # is: 576

    1. Create New Case
    2. Fill out Treatment Information (patient info, scanning order, restoration type, and shade). Select Reference, Quadrant or Full arch. Choose Utah Valley Dental Lab.
    3. Scan Patient
    4. Review the scan quality, interocclusal clearance, and margins.
    5. Click on the “Send” icon in the main toolbar to send the case to the Cadent Center.
    6. To confirm that the file has been sent (or is queued for sending) open the Case Manager.


    For assistance, please contact iTero Customer Service at 800-577-8767


    You must be registered through DDX in order to send cases to us. Contact Henry Schein for technical assistance to add Utah Valley Dental Lab to your list of laboratories: 800-537-6070.

    (3M, TruDef, Lava COS)

    1. Add Utah Valley Dental Lab to your lab list by calling 3M Customer Support at 800-634-2249. After the lab is set up, it must also be activated.
    2. Enter new patient information
    3. Scan patient
    4. Review the scan quality, interocclusal clearance, and margins.
    5. Select Utah Valley Dental Lab, No Models, and select material for restoration

    For assistance, please contact Customer Support at 800-634-2249


    1. Go to
    2. Click Sign up
    3. Choose Administrator under the clinic category on the “create your medit link account” page
    4. Fill out the form with your account information.
      1. The Clinic Name needs to be entered accurately because it will be required for future contracts with dental labs or inviting your staffs.
      2. After entering your Clinic Name, click Search to check whether it is available for registration.
      3. Double-check that you have keyed in your email address accurately as Medit Link will send the verification email to the email address you registered.
    5. Tick the checkbox to agree to all the terms and conditions and hit the Register button. Double-check the account information and click OK.
      1. You will not be able to change the clinic name and the email address once your registration is complete. Please double-check the clinic name and the email.
    6. Check your inbox to complete the email verification
    7. After the email verification is complete, click on Login Now
    8. Log in to Medit Link
      1. Once you log in to Medit Link using the administrator account, you will be asked to register information about your organization. You must complete the required fields because they will be used when inviting staffs, making contract, and placing orders.
      2. You can modify the registered information in the My info > My account menu.
    9. Add Utah Valley Dental Lab to your list using the email

    For assistance visit

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