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    GC InitialĀ® LiSi Press

    LISI is beautiful, durable and it helps us attain predictable, esthetic case results in our pursuit to perfect smiles. LiSi Press is the first lithium disilicate ceramic ingot with High Density Micronization (HDM), a technology unique to GC that provides exceptional physical properties and the most natural, lifelike aesthetics. LISI, along with its beautiful aesthetics, has rich, warm and bright colors with eye catching fluorescence. Available in four translucencies to give you a wide variety to choose from and more customization when planning your next case.

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    IPS e.max Press (Lithium Disilicate)

    Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, IPS e.max is the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and strength offering high-strength materials for both the PRESS and CAD/CAM technique. Recommended for all types of restorations up to 3-unit bridges, e.max is suitable for single posterior units along with anterior bridges, crowns and minimal or no-prep veneers. Whether you are completing a single crown, cosmetic veneers, or a full mouth case, e.max offers the versatility to create high-strength restorations without compromise.

    Because e.max (Lithium Disilicate) is a monolithic material, it eliminates the need for a framework, offering the advantages of less invasive preparations, faster turnaround, and more esthetics restorations.

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    Zirconium Oxide

    UVDL offers the latest in esthetic zirconia for both monolithic restorations and for restorations requiring a substructure for added strength. UVDL Zirconia restorations are created in our in-house milling center using the highest-grade zirconia available. Our state-of-the-art milling center allows us to design and mill zirconia restorations in house ensuring the highest possible consistency and quality.

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