Why Choose UVDL

What Others Are Saying

“Best dental lab and best customer service! Jim, Joe, Mindi and the entire team go above and beyond to take care of their clients. Highly recommend.” -Dr. Chris Cooley DDS

“Your hard work has not gone unnoticed! A person like you always stands behind your team and we couldn’t have asked for a better lab to work with. Dr mentioned today he received the best wax up that he has ever seen with the most impeccable detail/esthetics. You have managed to distinguish your work by having done it so well. Thank you to Clint, yourself and the entire team for the great work that has resulted in tangible, beneficial results for our office/patients.
Great Job!” -Holly & Dr. Eric Wiitala DDS

“This is an awesome dental lab with great customer service! I get the best finest quality results from them. Thank you for the amazing work!” -Dr. Pablo Cuevas DDS

“How can I show how grateful I am? Last month, (my dentist) delivered the # 6-11 crowns you made for me. A beautiful smile. I was a difficult customer. You listened, worked, listened again, worked again. The video proposal of #6-11 was first-class and provided exactly the visual input I needed to make my decision. “Say YES to the crowns.” The FACETIME meeting with you was what I needed to believe my desired design “story” was told. You artistry, training, skills, experiences and caring created my new smile. This is who I am. And I’m still smiling. Thank you very much.” -L. E.

“Just had to write a review because I am a patient coordinator in our office and I am super impressed that we get a call for every lab case to know exactly when it will come in. It really does help schedule patients in knowing that the case will be here and everything is set. So glad our office chose this team!” -Peabody Smile Design

[expand more_text=”Show more” less_text=”Show less” height=”200″ hide_less=”no” text_color=”#333333″ link_color=”#0088FF” link_style=”default” link_align=”left”]“Utah Valley Dental Lab is one of, if not the best dental lab in the country. I had heard about them from a well respected dentist in our area and after a colossal amount of research I decided to use them when it came time for my wife’s full mouth dental reconstruction. My wife insisted on using a husband of a friend as her dentist who was relatively inexperienced with cosmetic dentistry. I basically forced him to use Utah Valley Dental Lab to produce my wife’s new smile. From what he tells me they were extremely easy to work with and were a tremendous asset for him through her case. When her new crowns were seated we were in awe at how amazing her new smile looked! Now she is confident to smile in public and loves to show off her beautiful teeth. I would highly recommend this lab as they have also done my mother’s teeth with equally amazing results. Most people don’t realize how important a good dental lab is when getting dental work or crowns done. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality dental work, in this world you generally get what you pay for.”[/expand] -Ryan Porter, DDS

“This lab exceeds expectations. The fit is always spot on the aesthetics are great. I cannot recommend them enough!” -Paige Botts

“The Dr. I assisted for has been using Utah Valley for over 10 years and we have nothing but great things to say! I would recommend to any Dr who wants top of the line ceramics.” -A Porter

“We love Utah Valley and its ceramists. They are very skilled artists who sculpt teeth in a way that fits each individual patient. Utah Valley ceramists are awesome at making teeth look natural and beautiful. It’s amazing how great each case turns out!” -Debra Gray King, DDS, FAACD

“I have had the opportunity over the past 15 years to work with some of the finest labs in the country. During that time, I watched the evolution of Utah Valley Dental Lab from a good lab to the lab I wanted to do my work exclusively. The management at the lab has been the key, with a dedication to exceptional work and fairness to all. I know the respect given to the technicians to be exceptional. Training is constant and at the highest level. Relationship between the lab and client doctors is one of respect on both sides, due to the credibility of UVDL and the quality of doctors who trust them with their cases. I have personal relationship with a number of the finest labs and none of them exceed UVDL.” -Joseph Harris, DDS

“I have been using UVDL for over 20 years. They really are the best. No lab has been more fair with me and my patients. They are a partner in my practice not just a dental lab. Thank you for all the great smiles and always making us look good.” -Lon McRae, DMD

“The LEAST stressful thing I do each day is seat my cases. We consider the team at UVDL to be partners in our practice. I never realized that lab work could be so beautiful, accurate, and predictable. We’re spoiled…and we love it. Thanks Utah Valley!” -Chris Hammond, DMD

“My team at Utah Valley Dental Lab is as good as it gets. They not only deliver beautiful results… but they are by my side every step of the way. From discussing treatment plans and evaluating occlusion, to helping with smile designs and introducing me to new technology- they are my number one partners in all that I do. If you are looking for a lab that values communication, relationships, and what is best for your patients- this is the crew for you. Give them a call. Introduce yourself to one of their Master Ceramists. And send them a case that requires excellence. I assure you … they’ll exceed your expectations every time!” -Kim Nicol, DDS

“I have been using UVDL for my cosmetic cases and have honestly been blown away by their professionalism, eagerness to please, crazy beautiful aesthetics and spot on occlusion. If you are looking for an amazing lab to take your cosmetic cases to the next level, look no further.
Sincerely,” -Troy Gombert, DDS

“I’ve worked with UVDL since ~2006, and we haven’t looked back! By far the best lab, best communication, and best technicians around! Thanks for all the great restorations over the years!” -Dr. Greg Pyle, DDS

“I send all my esthetic cases to this lab because they are amazing! Very easy to work with and communication is great. Thank you!!” -Dr. Swaitha Maripuri

“Absolutely love this lab! Very professional staff and efficient. The communication is great. We do digital scans and there is never an issue with deliveries and cases are always on time. Definitely recommend this lab!” -Tilger Team