IPS Empress

The World's Leading All-Ceramic

IPS Empress was designed to provide the opportunity for outstanding esthetics in a pressable ceramic. This opportunity has been realized by thousands of dental laboratories, tens of thousands of dentists, and millions of patients since its launch in 1991. Recommended for anterior crowns, cosmetic veneers, and posterior inlays & onlays, Utah Valley Dental Lab creates pressed and layered Empress restorations that truly mimic the beauty of natural teeth and conserve valuable tooth structure.

For nearly 20 years, the IPS Empress family of products has lead the esthetic revolution and UVDL artisans have partnered with dentists throughout the US and internationally to deliver life-changing new smiles with this material.

For scientific data or for more information on IPS Empress, visit or ask any member of our team.



IPS e.max ZirPress (Zirconium Oxide)

For restorations requiring a substructure for added strength, IPS e.max ZirPress allows UVDL artisans to use the same material for single units up to full-arch bridges allowing for high-strength and uncompromising esthetics. UVDL Zirconia frameworks are created in our in-house milling center using the highest grade zirconia available. Our milling center allows us to create most zirconia restorations in the same timetable as traditional PFM restorations and gives us the quality control necessary to ensure the best fitting, most esthetic Zirconia restoration available.


IPS e.max Press (Lithium Disilicate)

All-Ceramic . . . All you need!

Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, IPS e.max is the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and strength offering high-strength materials for both the PRESS and CAD/CAM technique. Recommended for all type of restorations up to 3 unit bridges, e.max is all you need to offer a balance of high strength and beauty to your patients. e.max is suitable for single posterior units along with anterior bridges, crowns and minimal or no-prep veneers! Whether you are completing a single crown, cosmetic veneers, or a full mouth case, e.max offers the versatility to create high-strength restorations without compromise!

Because e.max (Lithium Disilicate) is a monolithic material, it eliminates the need for a framework, offering the advantages of less invasive preparations, faster turnaround, and more esthetics restorations. Ask for e.max on your next case.

For Scientific Data or for more information on IPS e.max, visit or ask any member of our team.


CAD/CAM Restorations

In the new and exciting world of CAD/CAM dentistry UVDL has been on the leading edge of the latest technologies. As an early adopter of digital impression technology, we can be a resource to you in helping you make purchasing decisions that can help take your practice to the next level. We currently offer CAD/CAM restorations through Cerec-Connect and Cadent iTero, with new capabilities made available on an ongoing basis. We frequently attend continuing education seminars, expositions, and seek new opportunities to lead our clients into the digital world.

For the latest on CAD/CAM technology, ask a member of our team!



UVDL offers comprehensive implant solutions. Whether you need custom titanium or zirconia abutments, a single posterior unit, or multiple unit bridges, Utah Valley Dental Lab has the expertise, experience, and products to make your implant cases successful for all major implant manufacturers.

We have the latest technology available and can provide you with uncompromised aesthetics on even the most complex implant cases.



Utah Valley Dental Lab offers a full-service removable department. We have the ability to produce full dentures, partials, night-guards and other removable appliances to meet your restorative needs.

Our removable department features the Staub Cranial Denture System allowing for the proper placement of teeth in one procedure, producing a more predictable restoration. This predictability allows for higher quality and better aesthetic restorations without the need for a bite registration, saving at least one office visit by the patient.

Ask our removable department for more information on the Staub Cranial System.



UVDL offers lab fabricated inlays and onlays along with long term custom provisionals. Radica®, a provisional and diagnostic resin, is a revolutionary material designed with excellent physical properties that enable us to easily create extremely durable, highly wear-resistant provisionals with superior life-like esthetics. Clinical evaluations have confirmed that Radica provisionals can be placed in the mouth for up to 2-years for all single unit restorations, inlays/onlays and 3-unit bridges up to the 2nd bicuspid.

For more information and current pricing, please ask any member of our team or read about our materials here.